We believe confidence is your best suit, our products are crafted with heart and chosen with care to encourage and make it effortless to stand out as a confident individual.

Curious how it started? Well, it was intuition and belief, listening to friends and family talking about their favourite lucky charm piece of clothing, how some items just gives you the extra boost for that important day where you have to be at your best. We want to create products based on that feeling.

What about the name? Tom Astin is inspired from a stylish brittish gentleman with the same name who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. His way of inspiring people around him often even without having to open his mouth is something that we are striving for everyday. We think everyone should have a Tom Astin around them.

“Mr. Astin embodies and has inspired the vision we have for the brand with his way of carrying himself with confidence and his unique take on fashion. A true inspiration.” – Jimmy Björnhård, Founder

By wearing Tom Astin you set the perfect conditions to walk into an event with a smile on your face and an obvious conversation starter. If you want to use it is up to you, we all deserve to keep some mystery to ourselves. For instance, we haven’t told you everything about Tom Astin yet.